Registration: Participants may register online. The race will be capped at 50 participants per division-no exceptions. Registration fees go up February 1, so take advantage of early-bird pricing and sign up soon!

Course: New for 2019 is a Half Marathon in addition to our standard 28-mile marathon. Both races will start at the Green River Lakes Road Parking Area. The half-marathon is approximately 6.5 miles out and back, with around 500 feet of elevation gain and loss. The 28-mile marathon follows the N loop and finishes at the start point, and has 2600 feet of elevation gain and loss. Check out the maps and profiles here. This recreation event is authorized under a Special Use Permit with the Bridger Teton National Forest.

13-Mile Course Description

Click here for the route map.

This course is wide flat and fast….depending on the snow. Racers will head north from the start along the N trail. Just over three miles in your will pass the Union Pass Road marking the near halfway point to the turn-around. Continue straight, eventually pulling away from the river. The turn-around is just past the old Gros Ventre Lodge (and private cabin) 6.6 miles from the start. Racers will return to the finish the way they came. Racers must check in at the turn-around. Water and basic snacks will be available. Anyone unable to finish will take a snowmachine ride out will be required to pay $50 to Tip Top Search and Rescue.

28-Mile Course Description

Click here for the route map.

28-Mile Marathon Section 1: Start to Dollar Lake 

9 miles and 325-foot elevation gain

Racers will start by heading north along the road following the Green River for about 9 miles to Dollar Lake. This section of the course is fairly flat, wide, fast (depending on snow conditions) and easy to follow.  There will be a volunteer at the 13 miler turn around point which is 6.6 miles from the start. There will be no aid, until the Moose-Gypsum intersection station. If you are struggling, this is where you should turn around as it only gets harder from here. Anyone dropping from the race beyond Dollar Lakes will be required to take a snowmachine ride out and donate $50 to Tip Top Search and Rescue.

28-Mile Marathon Section 2: Dollar Lake to Moose-Gypsum Intersection

(Aid Station 1)

4.5 miles and 300-foot elevation gain

From Dollar Lake the trail continues North and then turns East following the river.  Watch for and enjoy (but do not approach) elk in this area. At no time are racers allowed to leave the trail, this is a protected area. Your actions reflect this race-follow the rules, and respect any and all wildlife you encounter. There will be an aid station here with water and a few basic snacks. Fill up here-you’ll want snacks and stuff before the climb.

28-Mile Section 3: Moose-Gypsum intersection to Gypsum Creek

(Aid Station 2)

8.3 miles and 1350-foot elevation gain and 750-foot elevation loss

Racers will turn right on Moose-Gypsum road, shortly thereafter begins the biggest climb of the course. Pay attention to your temperature here, do not soak clothes with sweat or the descent to the finish line will be a cold one! Watch for and enjoy (but do not approach) elk in this area. At no time are racers allowed to leave the trail, this is a protected area. Your actions reflect this race-follow the rules, and respect any and all wildlife you encounter. Racers will gain 1200 feet over the next 4.3 miles to the course high point of 9200 feet. Give yourself a pat on the back, it’s downhill from here…mostly. The course flattens out for about a half-mile before starting a gradual 3.5-mile 600-foot descent to the Gypsum Creek Aid Station, only 6.6 miles from the finish.

28-Mile Marathon Section 4:  Gypsum Creek Aid Station to Finish

6.6 miles and 700-foot elevation gain and 1600-foot elevation loss

The course stays flat for about a mile before a 400-foot descent and then climbs over 2.5 miles. Be sure to layer up for a fast 3-mile 1000-foot descent to the finish line!

28-Mile Marathon Aid Stations

There are two aid stations. Racers must check in at each aid station. Both will have race volunteers, satellite communication and basic first aid kits. While you may be able to grab a snack and top off your water, you need to be self-sufficient at this race. Do not rely on aid stations for safety, food, water, or major medical needs. This is a cupless race. Aid Stations are mandatory. If you do not stop and check in at an aid station, you will be called in as missing and a search party will be dispatched immediately. Remember cut-off times are strict!

AS1: Moose-Gypsum Intersection: Mile 13.5 – Closes at 1 pm, 4 hours after race start.

AS2: Gypsum Creek: Mile 21.8 Closes at 3 pm, 7 hours after race start.

Finish line: Closes at 5 pm, 9 hours after race start. All racers must be off the course by 5 pm.

  • Drifters may leave the course on their own accord if they are able to before Dollar Lake. Drifters that do not make the Moose-Gypsum Intersection or Gypsum Creek Aid Station cut-off times will leave the course by snowmachine and donate $50 to Tip Top Search and Rescue. In the event of snow machine evacuation at any point along the race course, Drifters will be required to make a $50 donation to Tip Top Search and Rescue. Drifters who do not check in to either aid station or pass the finish line by 5 pm will be declared missing and a search party will be deployed immediately. Do not leave the race course.

Mandatory Gear: Mandatory gear is mandatory. There will be random gear checks on the course. There will be a time penalty for each missing piece of mandatory gear. Don’t skip anything on the mandatory gear list. For the full gear list, look here.

Recommended Gear: Take a serious look at this list. Winter in Wyoming can be deadly, and we’re not even exaggerating even a little bit. Pack with that in mind and be prepared for sudden and drastic changes in the weather and temperature. Should you show up to the race ill-prepared, Race Directors reserve the right to deny your entry without refunding your registration fee. For the full gear list, look here.

Leave No Trace: Pack it in, pack it out. We are guests of the Forest. The Drift is permitted through the Bridger-Teton National Forest, and future races depend on you. Please be respectful of each other and of the area. Rules and regulations exist for a reason. Don’t be an asshole.

Animal Safety: You are racing in bear country. The Wind River Range is home to both grizzly and black bears as well as moose, elk, mountain lions, wolves, and many other animal species. Although an encounter is unlikely, bear spray is recommended and racers who opt to carry it should know how to use it. Racers are responsible for knowing how to travel in bear country. Take extra precautions with your food-please don’t litter or leave food behind. This protects both you and the animals in the area. Safety should be a racer’s first priority-respect safe distances while in the presence of all animals.

Assistance: Drifters are expected to be self-sufficient! Racers may not receive outside help, but are encouraged to accept or provide help from/to other racers. In the event of injury, illness, or other dilemma, racers are obligated to stop and help each other.

Manners: We do not receive special use of the trails as racers. We are still required to abide by all trail rules. Please yield to other trail users and say “Excuse me” and “Thank you.” Remember, you are wearing race bibs and are representing The Drift-everything you do, or do not do is a reflection of the entire race. The possibility of future events depends on you. Also remember your manners while interacting with race volunteers! Putting on a race like this is an enormous undertaking and our volunteers are taking time away from their homes and families to help make the event successful. Treat all volunteers with respect-they certainly deserve it. Tell them “Thank you.” Tell them more than once. Should you have a concern or a complaint, please reach out to a Race Director.


  • Race Directors win all arguments.
  • No motorized forms of travel.
  • Helmets must be worn at all times while on bikes.
  • Stick to the trails.
  • Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in disqualification or time penalty.


Tuesday, March 5.

Final deadline for online registration. Last day to register and guarantee swag bag. There will be no registrations accepted after March 5.

Friday, March 8.

Mandatory pre-race meeting for all 28-MILE DRIFTERS at 6:30 pm at the Great Outdoor Shop. 332 West Pine, Pinedale, Wyoming. The meeting will be upstairs, so use the stairway on the Brew Pub side of the building. Half Marathon Drifters are welcome, but the meeting is only required for 28-Mile Drifters. 

Bib pick-up at the meeting. Half-Marathoners can pick up bibs on race day if they are not at the meeting.

28-Mile Drifters must declare division here.

If you are unable to make the meeting you must contact a race director prior to March 7 or you will be unable to race.

Saturday, March 9.

7:15 AM 28-Mile Marathon Race check-in starts. All racers must check in race morning by 7:45 am at the Green River Road Parking Lot.

8:00 AM 28-Mile Marathon Race starts.

8:15 AM Half-Marathon Race check-in starts. All racers must check in by 8:45 am at the Green River Road Parking Lot.

9:00 AM Half-Marathon Race starts.

5:00 PM 28-Mile Marathon Race course closes.

7:00 PM Post race party at Wind River Brewing Company in Pinedale.

More questions? Check out the FAQ page!