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“Nothing ever stays wrong that long” 

Racer update #1

The Drift 100 Evacuation Reminders:

In the event a racer is unable to finish the race or if they miss an aid station cutoff, they will be taken off the course via snow machine.  It may not be possible to evacuate from the course immediately. Be prepared to wait for hours outside!! Racers will initially be taken to a heated aid station first and taken to the finish line as able. New this year: no racers will be taken back to the finish after dark. Racers will be taken to an aid station and then to the finish the following day. Obviously, there are exceptions for medical emergencies.  As always people take priority over gear! Please be patient. Reminder: All racers evacuated from the 100-mile course are REQUIRED to pay $200. Exceptions: if you turn around at Strawberry Safety Shelter and return to the finish via CD trail on your own. Please check out at the finish with race staff (at Kendall Valley Lodge) Racers will not be permitted to leave the course on non-race snow machines.

Before you call it quits…you have 48 hours. Rest. Eat. Drink. Walk (push, stumble, flail) on.

Gear updates:

See complete list here

13 mile Drifters will only be required to bring a blinkie and bib. Recommended gear is still recommended. Please make good decisions.

28 mile: No change

100 mile: Goggles are required! no sunglasses, glacier glasses, or “I tried this once in a blizzard and it worked”.  Also cup and spoon are now required. We will not provide dishes at the aid stations. Bring your own please.

Other updates and FAQ:

  • Tracking is only required for 100 mile racers. You will receive a link for sign up closer to race day.
  • Lakeside Lodge still has a few rooms left. Please support our sponsors as they do us!!
  • Volunteers: We love them. We need them!! We really need them!! See Ultrasignup for sign up. If you or someone you know is interested overnight shifts for the 100 finish line,  snowmachine patrol, or 28 mile aid stations please reach out directly to
  • Tomorrow morning is the last chance to order hoodies (order here). Order goes out at noon mountain time.
  • Helmets are not required for any race, but recommended. If you are biking, skiing or riding your sled, keep in mind we share the trails with snowmachines, there are lots of trees and steep hills, and the nearest neurosurgeon is over 150 miles away.
  • Six weeks to race!!!



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