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Hello Drifters

Race week is upon us. Here is our updated menu and answers to some questions….
If you are using your own tracker you must have tracking turned on for it to work. Trackleaders can only pull information from your service to their platform. Make sure race morning your unit is set to tracking! Please test this weekend. Click the link below, your name and profile should show up with a location. If it says no point to show, something is not working.
If you have not signed up with trackleaders please do so!!  There are tutorials at the bottom of the page to help if needed.
Check your tracker here  (this link is not working at the time of this post, Trackleaders is working on it and it should be up soon).
Drop bags
Drop bags are available at Strawberry AS only. Mile 25 and 83. Drop bags will be left at the start Friday morning. Have them there by 0830! They should be no larger than a 10 L dry bag. They may get snowed on, they will freeze. No restrictions on what is in them, but mandatory gear is mandatory at all times – this should not be in your drop bag. We will bring bags back to the finish at pick up, but you may beat your bag there. If you do not want your bag back that is fine. We will also have bag pick up at the start on Sunday. We will not mail drop bags.
Each AS will have sweet and salty snacks. Snacks vary by aid station.
Hot food this year..
Strawberry: stew. there will also be hard boiled eggs.
Sheridan: pasta .
Warm springs: Thanksgiving (the instant kind, but it will taste like a home cooked family dinner at this point in the race)
All meals are prepacked and will need to be warmed when you get there.
Other common questions
Runners may ride their sleds downhill. Helmets are not required for any division, but keep in mind you are at least 3 hours from the nearest neurosurgeon on a clear weather day before you get too rad.
You may have fans show up at Warm Springs aid station. They may not otherwise assist or travel with you. If you are unable to finish the race you can get a ride home from here without paying an evacuation fee. But make sure the AS volunteers are aware you are leaving the course so we don’t go searching for you later.
You do not need a covid test if you have had the second vaccination at least two weeks from race start or covid within 90 days. Please bring documentation whichever category you fall in.
See you on Thursday
The Drift
Cover photo courtesy of Rob Tolley, taken this morning (-1*F).


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